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I'm Cage, and this blog is out of control. It has now become a personal multi-fandom blog. Mostly Monster High and DC and Marvel as well as other things here and there.

I tag all of my posts/reblogs so if you don't like something please blacklist it. And feel free to ask me any questions!

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You know what’s hella? Going to an anime con! Can’t afford it? Don’t worry bros, I got your back. Giveaway ends May 31 at 11:59 EST.

you don’t have to follow me
you MUST be 18 yrs old or have your parents permission.
you must be willing to give me your address.
you must have a paypal, i won’t send that much money in cash through the mail.
since i won’t be shipping anything myself, non-us residents can enter.
likes count.
reblog until your little heart pops.
winner will be chosen through random.org
will cancel if i don’t get at least 50 notes
-1 badge to ANY con of your choice. Don’t want to go to an anime con? Fine, go a Star Wars one. Or Power Rangers, MLP, it don’t matter.
-$100 to go to cosplays. Don’t cosplay? Have a 100 bucks.
-2 wigs from Arda Wigs. Don’t want a wig? Extra 100 bucks!

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Bert and Ernie, you little…

There is no escape. Will you survive?

We have confined all of you in our illustrious, high tech school compound.

You can go outside for fresh air, visit the beach or forest, but a force field will stop you from escaping the school grounds. It is spherical and encompasses even the very ground the school is built upon. The force field is impenetrable and indestructible and may give off some surprises if bothered enough. Please do keep trying to force your way through though; we love a good show.

The school is fairly normal during the day—aside from the lot of you not being able to leave, of course. During the night, though, strange occurrences will take place on the school grounds and you may need to fight to stay alive. These are merely exercises run to keep you disgruntled teens on your super-powered tootsies. Do not get us wrong, the threat is very real. You very well may die. Not to worry though! We’ll pluck you right up and bring you back to school good as new. As many times as it takes…

Please enjoy your stay at Oblivion Academy.

Oblivion Academy is a multifandom roleplay group, we accept any fandom whether it is comics, video games, books, movies, anime, manga etc. This group is loosely inspired by media like Dangan Ronpa and Avengers Arena.

The premise is that your character was suddenly transported from where they were and to the school. They have full use of their powers(aside from being able to leave, of course) and items they had on them and are able to get new things at the school. In the room they are given, they will find a school ID, a handbook and a bag that is mysteriously full of their belongings from home.

During the day, it is a normal school and your characters can deal with normal school life subjects and drama, but at night the environment changes and various strange occurrences happen, such as monsters attacking or obstacles set up. There will be events each month where unpredictable things may happen, such as a death match between characters or a survival match or other obstacles. But even if characters die, they will always be brought back to the school.

Story | Setting | Rules and FAQ |

Taken and Reserved Characters | Application & How to Apply

(We’d all really love more members, so we can have more fun rping. We’re all pretty active and friendly here so far. Please join or if you don’t want to join, please consider maybe advertising for them. Any and all fandoms are accepted here.)


When Monster High and Ever After High introduce AWESOME male characters in their webisode and movie series, but you know they’ll never be official dolls because “male dolls don’t sell”.


Tyler Posey as Humberto Lopez/Reptil


Favorite JL episodes:Grudge Match

If you call me girlfriend, I’m gonna drop-kick you into the next county.

By far, my favourite page in comics history!! (So far)
Especially that last panel.

Avengers Arena #4


This gentlemen is how you get a date with a half cyborg chick after she kicks your ass. 

You buy her a taco.


- Professionals

- Frat buds

- Children

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